Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Another gorgeous day in Sydney today, unfortunately for me I was stuck in the office. I went outside at lunch time and sat in the sun for a while but there was ash flying around everywhere as people are back burning at the moment, so it was a bit smoky outside. 

The days are just getting better and better and summer is nearly here! It's so strange when I read blogs, a lot of the ones I follow are overseas and they have all their wintery clothes happening and I start lusting over chunky boots and fluffy coats when I should be dreaming of bikinis and sandals. What I should be doing most of all is saving for Christmas presents! I have bought a few but not enough and I am so terrible at saving at the moment I have seen too many pretty things. Christmas time is the hardest for me because when I see something I like, I often feel that if I ask someone to buy me something and give it to me for Christmas I always think its too far away I can't wait that long...so I buy it for myself and end up with no money.

So on that note I am going to create my Christmas wishlist. I'll give you a sneak peek soon. xx

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