Sunday, 13 November 2011

Shoe shelf

My project from a few weekends ago - Myles was generous enough to build me some storage space for my shoes. I can't believe I filled it up in one go!

It only took a trip to Bunnings, we bought some chip board, cut it to size, screwed in the shelves and painted it. Unfortunately all I can claim that I did was the painting, but my lovely bf  and his dad helped me out by building it and it is just perfect! I would love to have screwed shelves straight on to the wall and have it as a feature but seeing as I live in a rented home I'm not quite able to do that, but it didn't turn out too badly in the end!
We even put a couple of screws in the side to hold up my jewellery case. 

Very happy with my little project and hoping to start another soon. Keep you updated! xx

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