Tuesday, 29 November 2011

DIY - shredded singlet

I was going through my wardrobe last week and pulled out a few items I never wear and don't really like. Instead of just throwing them out or using them as rags I decided to play around with them and see if I could make them wearable again. 

I have really been inspired by fringing for the last few seasons, I love everything with fringing (I've been looking for a reasonably priced fringed bag for agessssss!). So this was my inspiration for this funny coloured asymmetrical singlet top from glassons which I'm pretty sure I found on the sale rack and bought it for the sake of buying something.

front view

back view

Because the back is shorter and sits just above the bum, I only shredded the front of my top.

1. Turn the top inside out and with a pencil draw a line where you want to cut strips up to. It's best if you try the top on first and work out how high you want it.

2. Cut in a straight line up the middle of the top up to the line you drew.

3. Continue cutting strips up all the way to the side, I did mine in all different thicknesses so it was nice and rough looking.

4. Finish cutting up the whole front of the top to the line drawn. 


What do you think? Quick, easy and cheap to add a little quirkiness to my festival outfit. xx

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