Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Winspiration #1

pics: theyallhateus, stockholm streetstyle,, the sartorialist, fashionworship, afterdrk, fashionmenow.

Inspiration for winter wardrobe. Love the fashion but hate the cold so may as well look good while sufferring through it.

Keep warm! xx

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


I discovered hair chalking from a work friend of mine a few months back who put me on to a product called 'Kevin Murphy: Color Bug". I did some research and watched some youtube videos and it seemed too good to be true, but when I tried it out it really was as easy as it said.

Kevin Murphy Color Bug in pink & purple

For my first go, I decided to do my tips - pink fading into purple.

Pretty much you just put special product in your hair (I just used hairspray) so the chalk sticks, then rub the bugs down your hair and it colours. I started on the ends with purple and did pink above it next.

Note: put a towel over your shoulders while doing this as the chalk does spill slightly. 

As you can see it does stain your hand but is water soluble so comes off very easily.

Didn't get the best after shot of the hair but it was quite bright. It was hard to get the back even because I couldn't see and did it all by feel but I was happy with the end result.

For darker hair there is special products you can buy so that the colour stands out but I recommend to anyone planning on chalking their hair to watch the youtube videos first for tips and proper instruction!

Next chalking experience I'll be trying something like this with a friends help:

Until then :) xx

Monday, 28 May 2012

lita lita lita.

jeffrey campbell "lita" black distressed leather via Solestruck

Ahh aren't they beautiful? I have been saving so long for a pair of these and couldn't decide between the black leather or the beige colour but thought for my firsts I'll get the black. Couldn't be happier, they fit like a glove and are extremely comfortable.

Looking forward to wearing them out on the weekend and even more so to get my next pair. So many to choose from but how can I say no?


Thursday, 24 May 2012


Being the organised person I am, I cleaned out and sorted all of my files on my work computer today. I tend to browse at work sometimes, keeping updated on my favourite blogs and shopping sites and I very often come across outfits and pieces I love and save them to my computer for inspiration.

Before I got promoted, I used to spend up to 3 hours on reception every day as opposed to an hour in the afternoons now, and I used to use this time for my browsing and creations. This is how my collages were born.

A friend at work (also a fashion blog nut) asked me to put a couple of inspiration boards together if I got bored while I was answering the phones, so this is what I did. With limited resources and restrictions on work computers I just used Microsoft Word to put these together.

My work from mid-last year:

I'm sure within the next couple of days I will have created some more. Theme ideas or specific celeb related boards will be welcomed!


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Converse - DC Comics & Dr Seuss Collections

Converse x DC Comics

Converse x Dr Seuss

So as I was browsing the Converse site yesterday, just to make sure they didn't make legit creepers, I stumbled across their new collections. Being in Australia, we don't get to see all the new styles in shops I've only ever seen plain Chuck Taylors in a variety of colours and styles (hi-top, double tongue etc).

To my delight, there it was right in front of me - DC Comics on a Converse shoe! I had a look through the designs (the top two displayed being my favourites). I also discovered the Dr Seuss collection. The lorax prints I found very pretty and others very cleverly done. Absolutely adorable for kids.

What I loved most about my new discovery is that you can DESIGN YOUR OWN SHOE! So I spent the whole afternoon creating my perfect Joker shoe, having the time of my life until I realise that Converse does not ship to Australia.

Well it was good fun while it lasted :) check out the shoe I designed below and visit the Converse website to make your own!


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Jeepers Creepers

Jeffrey Campbell "Homg"

Jeffrey Campbell "Color Combo Platforms"

I have been after a pair of creepers for a while now but really struggling to find a pair that I will wear. I don't want a pair that is too gothic, I'm more into the sneaker kind or platform brogues. Jeffrey Campbell has some decent ones, UK site Schuh also has some cute pairs. I did also find a site that sells creeper converse rip offs (Converse don't actually make creepers that I know of) but they looked pretty awesome!
Schuh "Creep Platform Lo"

So many decisions!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

New loves

The discovery of two specific websites have made my life so much more exciting and have kept me glued to the computer screen every second I am free.

1. My first love - Pinterest
Ahhhhmazing! Pinterest is an online pinboard which people upload pictures and you can create your own boards for inspiration or recipes or anything that matters! You do have to request an invite but it doesn't take long to get in, but once you do it's worth it!

Follow me: lyssdoggg

A few favourites I picked up via Pinterest.

2. Lover number two - Favim
Similar to Pinterest, Favim is a collection of random beautiful and inspiring photos. You can sign up and make your own folder to save your favourites in. Some of the photography is just stunning. It also has some adorable quotes and funny pics too.

Take a look!

As if these sites wouldn't keep me occupied for long enough, there are two little obsessions I have at the moment. 

Firstly, I have caught the Hunger Games bug. Yep, didn't think I would be one of those but here we go with another book obsession. If you haven't read the books YOU ARE AN IDIOT PUT EVERYTHING DOWN AND READ THEM NOW! They will change your life! So the books are amazing but the movie isn't half bad when you check out these hotties in it! If the story didn't get you already, then these certainly should.

And now you will also see that I have a little superhero fetish. 

The Avengers movie was phenomenal, I have seen it twice at the movies already and thought it was just fantastic. Do it. See it now.

Yes I am a little bit in love with the Hemsworth brothers. 

So really, so little time, so much to explore and daydream about. Get amongst it :)