Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Converse - DC Comics & Dr Seuss Collections

Converse x DC Comics

Converse x Dr Seuss

So as I was browsing the Converse site yesterday, just to make sure they didn't make legit creepers, I stumbled across their new collections. Being in Australia, we don't get to see all the new styles in shops I've only ever seen plain Chuck Taylors in a variety of colours and styles (hi-top, double tongue etc).

To my delight, there it was right in front of me - DC Comics on a Converse shoe! I had a look through the designs (the top two displayed being my favourites). I also discovered the Dr Seuss collection. The lorax prints I found very pretty and others very cleverly done. Absolutely adorable for kids.

What I loved most about my new discovery is that you can DESIGN YOUR OWN SHOE! So I spent the whole afternoon creating my perfect Joker shoe, having the time of my life until I realise that Converse does not ship to Australia.

Well it was good fun while it lasted :) check out the shoe I designed below and visit the Converse website to make your own!


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  1. The fact that they don't ship to Australia severely depresses me.


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