Tuesday, 1 May 2012


For a few months now, I have had an obsession with sparkly nails. There are many glitter nail polishes now out on the market, my favourite being a chi chi one my friend bought not long ago. What I prefer though for a more intense effect is to use craft glitter on my nails. On several occasions I have covered all or just two of my fingernails in glitter and they look brilliant in the light.

My first attempt I went with one silver glitter nail on each hand and painted the rest dark purple. It stood out nice and sparkly bright and was so easy to do. 

I bought a pack of six coloured glitters at my local craft shop as that way I can try out so many different colours! I painted four out of my five nails with dark purple 'Rimmel 60 Seconds' nailpolish and painted clear nailpolish on my remaining nail. After this (with plenty of newspaper down) I tapped on some glitter, shook off the loose bits and waited 5 minutes for it to set. After this I just dropped some clear nailpolish on top, and spread it carefully without glittering my brush.

These are my Australia Day nails. I went a bit more out there this time and did all my nails in full glitter!

Even attempting the Southern Cross on my thumb nail.

What do you think?! xx

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