Friday, 27 April 2012

Looking back

luv lou kimono, supre singlet, dont ask amanda shorts, glassons belt and shoes, cambridge satchel company fluro satchel

This outfit contains some of the favourite pieces I own. These dont ask amanda shorts I bought in Melbourne last year and they have been my go to pair ever since. They are cut so nicely as to make my legs not look like total sausages when I wear them and have this beautiful lace texture which makes them a little bit different. My high heel chunky loafers I love to death. Unfortunately I fell in love with them but they only had a size up. Silly me bought them anyway and put infills inside them but it didn't make a difference so now I can only wear them out when there's not too much walking to do.

My lovely precious cambridge satchel has featured heavily before but how can I not? It is so beautiful and makes any outfit pop.

Tonight is a freezing cold night so instead of wearing something nice and flowy like this, I'm confined to jeans, boots and a big jacket. Off to dinner and a movie now because it's pretty much too cold to do anything else! 


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