Thursday, 3 May 2012

New loves

The discovery of two specific websites have made my life so much more exciting and have kept me glued to the computer screen every second I am free.

1. My first love - Pinterest
Ahhhhmazing! Pinterest is an online pinboard which people upload pictures and you can create your own boards for inspiration or recipes or anything that matters! You do have to request an invite but it doesn't take long to get in, but once you do it's worth it!

Follow me: lyssdoggg

A few favourites I picked up via Pinterest.

2. Lover number two - Favim
Similar to Pinterest, Favim is a collection of random beautiful and inspiring photos. You can sign up and make your own folder to save your favourites in. Some of the photography is just stunning. It also has some adorable quotes and funny pics too.

Take a look!

As if these sites wouldn't keep me occupied for long enough, there are two little obsessions I have at the moment. 

Firstly, I have caught the Hunger Games bug. Yep, didn't think I would be one of those but here we go with another book obsession. If you haven't read the books YOU ARE AN IDIOT PUT EVERYTHING DOWN AND READ THEM NOW! They will change your life! So the books are amazing but the movie isn't half bad when you check out these hotties in it! If the story didn't get you already, then these certainly should.

And now you will also see that I have a little superhero fetish. 

The Avengers movie was phenomenal, I have seen it twice at the movies already and thought it was just fantastic. Do it. See it now.

Yes I am a little bit in love with the Hemsworth brothers. 

So really, so little time, so much to explore and daydream about. Get amongst it :)


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