Thursday, 20 October 2011


shoes from wanted shoes, portmans skirt.

Went to DFO today in my lunch break and surprise surprise...I bought some stuff. I have been on the look out for some plain black pumps just for work, you would be surprised in a shoe collection as large as mine that I don't own too many plain styles or black shoes. So this was my excuse when I saw these today, they were on sale for $50 at Wanted shoes which I thought was a bargain! As for the skirt, it looks as though I am a little bit in love with maxi skirts this season and I have been searching for a skirt, whether midi, short or maxi with knife pleats that actually looks good on me....and I've found it.
Guess was on sale! There's one way to sweeten the deal.


  1. The skirt looks incredibly pretty - love the pleats and the colour! xx

  2. Love this! Great blog!



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